Why us

When a company plans to set up operations in a new market, there is nothing more critical than the choice of their local marketing partners. At Zenaust, we are set up to be the marketing partners of choice for your company. We have nearly 2 decades experience of handling marketing, distribution and customer service for overseas companies in the markets of Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries.

Our strengths

At Zenaust, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of the local market, its unique characteristics, trends as well as local rules and regulations. Our knowledge and experience helps us guide our clients every step of the way.

To give our clients the support they deserve, we set very high standards in selecting our own team of professionals – both in-house as well as third party. It ensures a smooth entry of a new company into the market, aided by the experience and competence of our team.

Our knowledge and commitment based approach reaches a new level of efficiency with our company culture of transparency and delivering on our promise. We undertake projects after a comprehensive and detailed study of all the requirements, expectations and capabilities. Therefore, when we set upon a new journey with a client, we have the road map to success clear for both the parties.


A lot goes into making the reputation of a business – successful record, long term partners and satisfied customers. For nearly 20 years, Zenaust has been working as a partner with a host of overseas clients to help them achieve success in the markets of Cambodia and Myanmar. We have faced challenges together, created solutions and overcome obstacles on the way to success. Consistently good performance for our clients has become our most effective marketing tool for Zenaust. We are proud to receive regular referrals from our associates, leading to more growth and success for Zenaust as well as our clients.


Overseas companies enter a new market with the sole objective of generating growth for their business. For this, they need a local partner with the right skills and values.

At Zenaust we believe a marketing partner should provide you with peace of mind and a sense of security that your project is being handled efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on making the business grow in other areas. Our successful track record allows us to promise complete reliability to our clients with minimum supervision. After all, isn’t this what a partnership is all about?


By definition, marketing and distribution are dynamic fields with ever-changing landscape and conditions. For overseas companies setting up operations in Asia, it means looking for a local partner who is versatile, ready to change with times and thinks outside the box.

At Zenaust, we live this challenge every day. Each project we have handled has helped us become better and more dynamic. Our vast local networks also enable us to create innovative solutions of our clients’ problems regarding marketing, distribution or logistics.