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Regulatory Affairs

Zenaust provides market development and expansion services for companies in healthcare and consumer goods industries in Cambodia and Myanmar. We deliver world-class solutions to meet the needs of healthcare companies from sales and marketing strategies to promotional campaigns and after sales service; distribution to specialized solutions for regional territories. Zenaust delivers solutions to allow healthcare companies and consumer goods companies to achieve their potential in fast-growing and dynamic markets in Asia.

Working as your local outsourcing partner, Zenaust is fully equipped to handle all matters relating to the local rules and regulations of countries in Asia. With our local market knowledge, we can help you find solutions to the issues most new entrants face. We know the processes, procedures and documentation requirements to ensure your products are be registered and profiled correctly. Our valuable cultural insights go a long way in helping our clients establish themselves successfully in a new market. Working with Zenaust, you will see that marketing becomes a lot easier once all your local obligations are met at legal and council levels. We also assist you in your marketing program and give you the benefit of our local market knowledge. Our network of suppliers and providers of various types of information about the local market enables us to give you the advantage of entering a new market with a clear view of the road ahead.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services that have you covered from start to finish.


Order processing, Packaging, Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory control, Customer service.


We all know why market research is important. It helps companies to determine whether a particular product/service will satisfy the needs of their customers.


It is imperative that international companies abide by the rules and regulations of every country in which they operate.


Marketing is all about responding to changing dynamics, trends and preferences of your customers.

Why Choose Us

Local Understanding

Unique approach with the best understanding of cultural insights to enhance and customise marketing and sales strategies and activities

Relevant case-study's

Up-to-date market surveys to asses market requirements, determine relevant outlets, market visit frequency and volume and frequency of client and competitor brands' stock-keeping units (SKUs)

Leading Knowledge

Experienced and skilled staff on the ground with great knowledge of brand-building experience in all consumer goods and healthcare categories

Hands-on account managers

Key account staff and merchandisers to handle key accounts

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